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Subterranean termites

Subterranean termites live in forests, building their nests in the, wood of standing timber, logs, or stumps; in cleared land, in any wood in contact with the ground; or, in the plains, in a labyrinth of underground passages in the earth, usually underneath wood or vegetation.

Termites are soft-bodied and always conceal themselves within wood, in the earth, or within their earthlike carton shelter tubes. The grayish-white, soft-bodied, wingless, sterile termite "workers" are in reality the destructive form. These workers make the excavations occupied by the colony and enlarge and extend them as the colony increases.

They live underground or within the wood, are blind, and shun the light; as a result they are rarely seen. In burrowing through wood the workers often completely honeycomb it, usually following the grain and eating out the softer, thin-walled, larger-celled spring or new wood.

They are able to penetrate the hardest of woods, provided they have access to moisture in the ground. In extending their galleries in wood and vegetation, subterranean species carry moisture with them by means of moist excrement mixed with earth.