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Termite distribution

Termite distributionThe termites, or "white ants", in the U.S. are mostly destructive native insects.

Fifty-six species of them occur in the United States.

Termites are distributed throughout the country, although in the southern, southwestern, and Pacific coast regions, ,where both the subterranean and nonsubterranean termites occur (fig. 1), they are more numerous and injurious than elsewhere.

These so-called "white" ants are not true ants, although they look like ants and live in colonies made up of different forms or castes. In these nests or colonies both wingless and winged mature individuals are produced. The brownish or blackish, elongate, slender, antlike, colonizing, sexual adults (fig. 2) with long white wings, unlike the other forms, have functional eyes, and their bodies are able to endure full sunlight. These migratory males and females appear normally once a year during a short period.